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Video Creation

Video Creation Services

Get boldly conceptualized videos to market your product

Did you know your target audience retains 95% of a message presented in a video when compared to reading it? eYantra has tapped the trends of video marketing and is ready to give your product a face and voice. Our video creation services can increase conversion rate by 80%, and from soup to nuts, “Rolling!” to “Cut!”, our video creation services team will present to you a video marketing strategy that profits your b2b product and marketing goals.

How do we Create Eye-Catchy Videos?

  • Identify

    Make use of the buyer persona and identify your ideal audience.Research on their preferences and pain points.
  • Select channel

    Know which channels have the maximum target audience.Promote your videos on those channels for maximum engagement.
  • Define strategy

    Understand what your audience wants to see and define your strategy based on your target audience interests.
  • SEO optimized

    Make your videos SEO-friendly so the search engines can easily find and make it visible for the audience.
  • Effective CTA

    Include powerful CTA in your videos like an offer or coupon which encourages users to click on it.
  • Measure & Analyze

    Measure the effectiveness of video and its reach with the help of quantifiable KPIs and improve to extend its reach.

Shoot. Shoot. Scale

Full-service video marketing awaits you at eYantra.


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