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B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation Services

Build a Healthy Sales Pipeline and Grow Your Business

eYantra Media offers B2B Lead Generation services to increase the target and genuine leads in the B2B market. Are you consistently generating high-quality leads? With our strategic B2B lead generation solution, you can build a healthy sales pipeline and grow your business. eYantra’s comprehensive b2b lead generation solutions help you reach all of your target customers no matter where they are.

How do we generate B2B Leads?

  • Identify

    Analyzing customers' requirements helps us define your target market, compile a list, and generate leads accordingly.
  • Introduce

    Get to know the key decision-maker combining phone calls, customer surveys, personalized emails and social media polls.
  • BANT Leads

    Qualified leads undergo the BANT qualification process. If they are a good fit, we confirm the lead's consent to be contacted.
  • Nurture

    Build a connection with your target customer with a series of phone calls, emails, and follow-ups and track conversation via CRM.
  • Schedule

    Choose the right customer with a set of pain points you can solve and schedule his strategy call with you.
  • Convert

    Follow up with the customer to know his feedback and interest in choosing your brand, thereby converting him as your customer.

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